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Aurizon® Soniseal™ 40 WD Series

The Soniseal™ WD Series was designed specifically for ultrasonic sealing packaging applications in food manufacturing environments where the wash-down of equipment is practiced. The Soniseal™ WD enables lower maintenance costs, reduced energy consumption and does not need to be removed or bagged for cleaning.

It offers maximum seal consistency and control in a high speed (up to 500 fpm) package. The bonder is compact and can easily be integrated into flow wrapper, VFFS, and HFFS machinery. The WD Series is also capable of both continuous and intermittent motion sealing for maximum process flexibility. Designed to IP 67 Standards with a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel construction and strong hermetic seals, the WD Series withstands chemical cleaning, high-pressure spray, and high temperatures.

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Saves Valuable Production Time
Soniseal™ WD bonders have full wash-down capability and can remain on the machine during cleaning. No bagging necessary!

Resists Corrosion
Strong, hermetic seals eliminate the need to bag the system when cleaning.

Designed to IP 67 Standards
Withstands high pressure chemical wash down and high temperatures.

Faster Processing Speed While Maintaining Seal Integrity
Focused energy and the “flywheel effect” of the rotary system allow for greatly increased sealing speeds and highly consistent seal integrity.

Integrates into Existing Machine Configurations
Soniseal™ bonders have a lightweight, compact design with a small machine footprint and is easily integrated into existing machine configurations.

Reduced Energy Costs when Compared to Heat Sealing
Reduced energy consumption and product damage are due to concentrated heat production during weld.

Offers Precise Control of Seal During Start-Stop Conditions
Rotary horns provide higher, continuous power delivery. More power means faster, more consistent sealing. Since the ultrasonic components do not need to “warm up”, start up and stop control of the machine is nearly instantaneous.

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