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Infinity™ with Melt-Match®

Take full control of each phase in the ultrasonic welding process with the Infinity™ Ultrasonic Welding System with Melt-Match®. It delivers accuracy, reliability, and easy replication of proven processes for faster and more cost-effective production. By using Melt-Detect™ a user can avoid deformation of energy directors during the welding process, get uniform melt, and a hermetic seal. Melt-Match® parameters control the welding process “in motion” with real-time closed-loop force control in addition to the real-time velocity control. Force and weld velocity can be programmed in 10 independent segments to match the melt flow rate of the material.

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Patented Melt-Match® Technology
Produce fast and consistently by programming ultrasonic stack velocity, force, and position throughout the entire welding process for stronger welds.

Accurate & Reliable Ultrasonic Welding
Weld more accurately and reliably thanks to a tighter standard deviation of dimensional accuracy and 100% digital all-electric control.

Lower Production Costs
Since ultrasonic welding doesn’t require filler materials, adhesives, or fasteners, you can reduce production costs for each project.

Replicate Proven Welding Processes
Easily replicate a proven welding process from one Infinity system to another with the 100% digital all-electric control. No adjustments to pneumatics are needed.

Weld Various Types of Materials
A wide variety of thermoplastics and metals can be welded using this Ultrasonic Welder for more flexibility in your production.

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