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iQ Pneumatic Ultrasonic Welder

The most technologically advanced ultrasonic welding control features available today are found in Dukane’s iQ ES series equipment. Our patented, 100% digitally controlled generator and ultra-rigid press provide superior accuracy and repeatability. The 5” LCD and unique quick stroke menu navigation keys makes Dukane’s welder easy to program and operate. A 15” color touch screen industrial PC with Dukane’s proprietary iQ Explorer II GUI can be added to the system to provide even easier access, data storage, password protection including 21 CFR part 11, and remote monitoring.

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Ease of Use
Easy-to-use front panel position indicators with universal icons instantly show settings of position and bottom stop, and optional slow speed, pre-trigger, and end-of-weld switches.The Generator Interface incorporates a true color, 5” WVGA LCD screen, with 800 x 480 pixel resolution, and it is backlit by LEDs. Menu navigation keys are consistent with the entire iQ generator product line. Additionally Quick program soft keys border the screen and enhance intuitive menu navigation while maintaining the entire screen’s usefulness.

Multi-level password options eliminate unauthorized changes to weld program
100% digital control of all power supply functions and parameters allows for unique configurations and future upgrades or requirements. Includes digital frequency synthesis. Welder setup parameters are all digitally controlled and can be calibrated to meet FDA and ISO requirements

Fast and Accurate Data Collection
Industry leading data acquisition rate speed of 0.5 ms due to advanced multi-core architecture. Increased weld accuracy and repeatability.

Flexibility and Reliability
Welder provides multiple welding modes (Weld by time, energy, distance, position, peak power and ground detect) and comes in various frequencies (15, 20, 30, 35, 40, 50 kHz) which make it flexible and reliable to be used for different types of applications in different industries. Dual pressure increases clamp force to improve melt during the weld cycle, or to provide tighter assembly during the hold cycle.

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