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Ultrasonic Food Cutting Products

Dukane offers high quality ultrasonic food cutting components, including ultrasonic generators, transducers, guillotines, and slitters.

Ultrasonic food processing involves a vibrating knife (guillotine) producing a nearly frictionless surface that minimizes buildup on the blade surface. The ultrasonic blades cleanly cut sticky products and inclusions such as nuts, raisins & morsels without displacement. Ultrasonic food cutting is used by many of the world’s largest and most prestigious food producers.

Dukane has been the world leader in ultrasonic food cutting technology for nearly 30 years. Dukane’s ultrasonic components are a widely used and proven technology. The “guillotine” blades are crafted in titanium and employ the latest FEA design technology for trouble-free operation and reliability.

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Cleaner cuts for outstanding aesthetics on layered products
The ultrasonic blade produces a nearly frictionless surface which minimizes sticking of food products and deforming. This process produces clean cuts without smearing when cutting multiple layers.

Reduce Scrap
Reduce scrap by not crushing your products or damaging them during the cutting process. Inclusions such as nuts, raisins & dried fruit, are sliced with little to no displacement, even in a soft matrix.

Consistent Result with Faster Process
Ultrasonic technology provides a larger processing window, food cutting speeds can be increased substantially, and it is easy to adapt the Dukane ultrasonic cutting equipment to your existing production lines.

Reduce Downtime
No need to frequently clean blades when cutting sticky products

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