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Ultrasonic Welder Accessories

Dukane’s range of welder accessories are designed for easy and quick integration into your standard Dukane systems. Our wide selection includes sound enclosures, film feeders, corrugated box welder stands, and iQ EZ Ultrasonic Staplers. Dukane’s sound enclosure isolate your ultrasonic welder’s noise and reduces operator fatigue. Sound enclosures fit all Dukane press models and comes in two standard sizes, with custom sizes available. Rear panel access for easy press installation and easy access to press mounted controls. Another accessory, the Film Feeder is used to promote welding with NO marking on visible “class A” surfaces. It provides sacrificial layer of plastic sheet between the welding horn and the welded part. The iQ EZ Stapler can weld films, non-woven materials, coated and laminated packaging, and foil packages. Thermoplastics such as PET, PERG, PE, PP, PVC and PVA can all be welded using iQ EZ Stapler. The iQ EZ Stapler can be integrated into an automated system. Dukane’s iQ family of integrated corrugated plastic welders provides a fast and simple method to weld, stake, insert, swage, or spot weld a wide range of applications including boxes, crates, lamp shades, rope splices, and tube closures. Its unique design allows the horn travel and throat depths necessary to assemble a variety of parts in many sizes.

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Reduce Cost and get faster cycle time with EZ Stapler
iQ EZ Stapler is a small compact module designed to weld blister/clamshell packages. The system is activated by a foot-switch to free up the use of the operator’s hands to quickly and easily weld any size of package. The unit is compact and easy to learn for operators resulting in fast cycle times. The stapler can be placed on a workbench or wall-mounted on its own support structure.

Get better appearances and reduce scrap
Dukane’s film feeder places a Buffer Sheet (thin film) between the ultrasonic machined tool (horn) and the part that is being welded. The buffer sheet provides a protective cushion to prevent the part from being marked during the welding process. It minimizes the effects mold imperfections or variations might have as the ultrasonic horn meets the part.

Ergonomic Sound Enclosures to Reduce Operators Fatigue
Sound enclosures would minimize any discomfort to workers near the welding system.

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