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VW5960LPT Vibration Welder

VW5960LPT WIDE part size machine was developed for wider, shorter part types such as intake manifolds and other upper parts sized up to 950 mm x 510 mm. This machine is unique in that it uses dual, outboard hydraulic cylinders. The ability to lower the part loading height and weld extra tall parts makes this machine special.

Like all Dukane vibration welders, the VW5960LPT features a fully welded rectangular steel tubing frame and lift table. The vibration bridge is flame cut from a massive slab of 200 mm thick steel, then precision machined to within 0.1mm. High strength tempered steel springs support the cast stainless steel lamination carriers. These carriers are investment cast for increased fatigue life.

A compact, fully contained hydraulic power unit provides up to 27KN of table clamp force, capable of flattening warped parts prior to welding. The rigid part support table is supported by eight linear ball bearing packs on four independently adjusted, ground steel guide rails. This bearing/alignment design maintains precise motion throughout the entire 736 mm table travel. This large machine is 3100 mm wide by 1300 mm deep. A 1500 mm by 800 mm external hydraulic unit is also required. If desired, this hydraulic unit can use independent power units to run hydraulic tooling separate from the welder.

All Dukane 5000 series welders incorporate a 380mm diagonal, color touchscreen for easy viewing. Tooling Inputs/Outputs are assignable and can be enabled at multi-set points in the welding process. Dukane’s patented Digital Frequency Drive closes the loop on vibration frequency, table position and welding amplitude. The welding process is dynamically programmable and controlled at up to 5 set points during the weld. All Dukane 5000 series welders include our unique “Q-Factor” tooling quality balance measurement. Using this diagnostic tool helps pinpoint potential unbalance issues with tooling or machine components.

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Robust Design to Assemble Wider and Shorter Parts
Dukane’s WIDE part size machine was developed to weld wider and shorter parts such as intake manifolds and other parts sized up to 950 mm x 510 mm. Heaviest-in-class, one-piece flame cut bridge stops unwanted vibration at its source. Robust frame with numerous cross members to support a dovetail slide system for the table. Tubular steel table with a 1″ (25mm) thick Blanchard ground surface provides a stable platform for lower tooling. Four continuously supported linear rails and eight reciprocating bearings provide the best table slide system in the industry.

Efficient Process Control with Advanced HMI Software
Provides real time graphing of amplitude, pressure, and collapse distance, which gives users additional control to monitor, evaluate and troubleshoot their vibration welding process. Programming capabilities for multiple sensors and pneumatic valves simplifies complex tooling set up. Built in logical control eliminates the need of PLC programming experts for changing simple standard machine logic.

Enjoy the Ergonomic Features
Large mechanical mass of the linear vibration head coupled with the solid welded tubular steel frame construction eliminates machine failure due to process vibration and provides one of the quietest machines in the industry, reducing operator fatigue.

Reduce your Downtime and Maintenance Cost
Service spares, and drive upgrades are provided directly from Dukane eliminating dependency on third party manufacturers. Twenty Gallon Rexroth hydraulic power units with heat exchanger and proportional valve, give the unit a superior service life.

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