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iQ AiM™ Ultrasonic Generator

Designed for OEM’s, the iQ AiM™ Ultrasonic Generator gets you ready to meet the challenges of modern manufacturing. Thanks to its improved power efficiency and multiple welding modes, this generator ensures your welds are produced faster without sacrificing quality.

Ramp up your manufacturing and welding processes with the iQ AiM™ Ultrasonic Generator. It will improve your automatic processes even more and reduce total manufacturing costs without sacrificing weld quality.

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Multiple Welding Modes
Have more flexibility in your melding process with multiple modes. This includes Weld by Distance, Energy, Peak Power, Time, and Continuous Mode with process limits for all the parameters.

Higher Accuracy & Repeatability
Upgraded hardware and firmware results in an acquisition rate of 0.5ms. This means more accuracy and repeatability in your melding process.

Quick & Easy Integration
You can easily integrate this into electrical panels through a single 26 pin connector with user-programmable I/O’s.

iQLinQ™ Integration
This gives you access to set, enable, configure, diagnose, and collect data in an intuitive environment developed for Industry 4.0. Available for EtherNet/IP, Modbus, Profibus, Profinet, PowerLink, EtherCAT, and CC-Link.

Configure via PC Connection
Connect to a PC using the iQ AiM™ USB port to set up processes, custom I/O configurations, and system diagnostics.

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