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iQ Auto-Plus Ultrasonic Generator

Dukane iQ Auto-Plus Ultrasonic Power Supplies were specifically designed for the automotive, aerospace, packaging and textile industries. Typically used with automated systems, the panel mount units are compatible with iQLinQ™ industrial communication protocol and Dukane’s patented MPC (Multi-Point Probe Control). The iQ series generators incorporate our patented digital design. Compact in size, they provide the highest power density in the smallest package. Our industry-leading 0.5-millisecond multi-core processing speed provides extreme accuracy and repeatability. The unique modular design allows for custom configurations and flexibility.

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Quick and Easy integration
Quick and Easy integration in automation systems. Seamlessly fits your control panel either vertically or horizontally and an intelligent cable management setup ensures a clean look and finish.

Accuracy, Efficiency and Repeatability
Power Factor Correction (PFC) provides for better amplitude & frequency regulation. Delivers industry’s fastest acquisition rate of 0.5ms for all the following ultrasonic weld parameters – Distance, Power, and Energy.

Consistent Welding Process
Achieve consistent weld process and shorter cycle time with Amplitude Load Regulation. Patented Trigger by Power™ feature ensures consistent welds by providing a sufficient and repeatable amount of pressure/force to the part before the weld cycle starts.

Flow-thru cooling with a thermostatically operated fan ensures your generator operates at the highest efficiency. Adjustable Linear Ramp Up (Soft-start) algorithm brings the acoustic stack to operating amplitude smoothly. Patented Adjustable Linear Ramp Down (Soft-stop) reduces the acoustic stack’s amplitude to zero smoothly.

Industry 4.0 Ready with iQ LinQ
Control the process & parameters through EtherNet/IP or other protocols with iQLinQ™. iQLinQ™ gives you access to set, enable, configure, diagnose, and collect in an intuitive environment developed for Industry 4.0.

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