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iQ Series AL-E Ultrasonic Generator

The iQ Series AL ultrasonic generators, standard configuration includes time and energy control along with patented Trigger by Power. The display is a high-resolution graphic two-color LCD with large easy-to-read text. One-touch hot keys along with an intuitive menu structure make programming and operation virtually effortless. Built-in circuit protection and visual fault
status ensure reliability even in the toughest work environments.
The AL (Automation Limited) version of iQ Series power supplies is designed for applications that require 600 watts of power or less. It is an excellent choice for single-station, automated, continuous low-wattage or medium-duty cycle, plunge weld systems that require basic I/O communication. The power supply on this ultrasonic generator is compatible with Dukane’s superior line of conventional converters and probes, and is also well suited for nontraditional, ultrasonic applications that require rigid-mount, compact, or wide band converters.

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Consistent Weld Quality with patented Trigger by Power feature
Trigger by Power patented feature provides ability to accurately start the weld process once a programmed force is achieved. Coupled with weld by energy, this unit delivers the highest level of process repeatability of any probe system available today.

User Friendly Interface
High-resolution graphic LCD displays with intuitive menu structure for quick, easy programming. Real time in cycle menu displays frequency, power and time. 100% digital controls of all power supply functions and parameters.

Ease of Troubleshooting
Ultrasonic generator overload protection, with fault indication for ease of troubleshooting. The overload power limit is based on true RMS power output level.

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