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iQ Auto-Plus with patented Multi-Point Control (MPC)

Designed for OEM’s
The integration-ready iQ Auto-Plus with patented MPC (Multi-Point Controller) was designed to fit your control panel with ease. The overall form of the generator fits seamlessly into a panel, either vertically or horizontally and an intelligent cable management setup ensures a clean look in your control panel. Integrating the iQ Auto-Plus with MPC modules reduces cabling and simplifies integration.
iQLinQ™ Controls the process & parameters through EtherNet/IP or other protocols with iQLinQ™. iQLinQ™ gives you access to set, enable,
configure, diagnose, and collect in an intuitive
environment developed for Industry 4.0.

iQ Auto-Plus Ultrasonic power supplies are automation-ready systems with the patented Multi-Point Controller built into one convenient unit. This robust and compact unit is perfectly designed for automotive industry multi-probe automated systems. Our industry-leading 0.5 millisecond multi-core processing speed provides extreme accuracy and repeatability. iQ Auto-Plus MPC is available in 600 or 1200 watt power levels and these panel mount units include an Ethernet/IP port for data acquisition and process control.

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Quick and Easy integration
Quick and economical integration for automation systems. Seamlessly fits your control panel either vertically or horizontally. Integrated MPC(Multi-Point Controller) minimizes cabling to ensure a clean look and finish.

Superior Weld Results
Achieve consistent weld process and shorter cycle times with Dukane’s patented MPC and iQLinQTM Dukane’s MPC monitors each probe and safely switches from probe to probe to minimize switching time. iQLinQTM provides access to process control parameters to monitor each weld recipe for optimum weld results. Patented Trigger by Power™ feature ensures consistent welds by providing a sufficient and repeatable amount of pressure/force to the part before the weld cycle starts.

Weld by Distance for precision and accuracy
Integrated Weld by Distance regulates up to 8 encoders for precise control of weld collapse or absolute distance weld modes. Dukane’s iQ Auto-Plus series with patented Trigger by Power™ feature is the only probe based product in the market that can accurately utilize and monitor weld collapse mode. The iQ Auto-Plus MPC system has the fastest sampling rate in the industry(0.5 ms) and delivers precise control to the process.

Efficiency & Reliability
Flow-through cooling with a thermostatically operated fan to ensure your generator operates at the highest efficiency. Ultrasonic Overload Protection, with detailed fault description for ease of troubleshooting. Power factor correction (PFC) provides for high power conversion efficiency (>92%), by allowing the generator to consume less power, and run cooler.

Troubleshooting with Ease
iQLinQ™ assists in data acquisition, process setup, and troubleshooting. Industry 4.0 provides remote access to the generator to tune your process. Integrated Multi-Point Control can sequence up to eight ultrasonic probes. Each probe is independently controlled and monitored allowing different process settings and provides independent suspect or bad part alarms for each weld point.

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